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People who don't wear glasses: I wish I wore glasses.
People who wear glasses: No.


* on a date * soo… whats your favourite meme?


HI MY LOVELIES! I’d just love to thank everyone for the support and helped me reach 1.5k+!! I think a follower forever is long overdue now, so here it is… finally!

I still remember it was four months ago when I saw this adorable drawing of Kirigiri and Naegi, and I just had to create a blog to reblog that. At first I wasn’t expecting much of tumblr, but in those four months I realised that TUMBLR IS JUST TOO WONDERFUL and it’s all thanks to these people above! So BIG thank you to all your amazing blogs guys! I’M A HUGE FAN OF ALL OF YOUU! Except for Julia and Millie… not sure about you two ┐(‘~`;)┌

Oh and sorry about the editing hehehehe. I don’t know if it’s still socially acceptable to reuse your icon and sidebar image and put it in your follower forever post… but I was way too excited to post a follower forever I couldn’t draw or edit anything new ahah sorry guys (BUT i mean look at that blushing midorima ISNT THAT ADORABLE)

And how do people even do follower forevers? I thought it was some simple copy and paste thing but ITS NOT. I respect people for having to copy and paste URLs then put them in alphabetical order and then link them haha

ANYWAY, enough on my part (no one wants to really read a big chunk of text anyway), here are the AMAZING blogs you guys should check out!

bold - mindblowing blogs everyone should check out

italic - peeps with great personalities / 友達だよ (friends, basically haha)

A - H

ahintofblue | akashikuroko | akashis | akihiito | allthingsdaiki | alyebihara | awholelotofbasketballidiots | bakagamicchii | bertholdts | biscuit-san | chikumis | daikibooty | erendragneel | erenw | escarletes | fluffymakoharu | formlessprodigy | gasaisyuno | good7luck | gundayumboy | hadjarr | hawuka | heckyeahdeathnote | hirunaka-no-chunsuke | hiyoriiki-san | hoshiko-san

I - L

ignis-san | jakuzurez | k-anoshuuya | ka-sue-mi | kaasamatsu | kagiris | kahzuma | kazunarri | kazuunari | keep-calm-and-watch-anime | kesheii | kibo-komaeda | kiryuin-satsuuki | kougyoren | kozakuha | ku-ro-ha | kurocrotchin | kurogamis | kuroko-no-homo | kurokocchiz | kurokotetsuya | levihs | lost-in-this-sanctuary

M - Z

matsuokaas | midorimas | mirayama | miss-mamura | mura-chin | murasakiiii | murasakki | mystyphic | naegays | nawuto | noragami-yato-yukine | noragamis | oreikis | raspomme | realarlert | red-hana | reizuo | seijuur0 | setoholic | sexpai | shinjij | t0gamikun | tachiboop | too-gakuen | tsukishima-kun | utsukishi  | yatamisakis | yeshelloiamsashabraus | yoshiiwara

If I didn’t put your URL in bold or italics, that doesn’t mean that you mean nothing to me hehe xD I really respect all of you and I’m sure I have a genuine reason as to why I follow all of youuu!

Just one last BIG thank you to the people I follow for being amazing + having amazing blogs and to the people that took their time to follow me and supported me in the last 4 months!